Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Overview of social media

Hello there,

In my opinion, the social media sites geared for the most personal use are Twitter and Tumblr. For doing promotion for my band DIY style, I like to use Twitter. Twitter is the most personal because we can tweet small announcements about the band. Your audience won’t get as annoyed! For example, celebrities make a lot of tweets everyday. You can get as personal as you want and that can really help keep your audience updated. We don’t have a Tumblr because it’s more outdated. However with Tumblr, you are able to make a blog about anything and build a following.

To make things professional, we like to stick with Instagram and Facebook. Facebook users tend to be older than our targeted audience. We don’t post on the Facebook page as often as the Instagram for that reason. We have a bigger following on Instagram because the music we make attracts ages 15-24 year olds; there are more active users of that age category on Instagram compared to Facebook. On Instagram we don’t post anything we want to, but we post pictures and videos our viewers would be most attracted to. We recently had a professional photoshoot to promote our show, and we gained 200 followers in a week. If we post pictures of us playing at our gigs, that will gain more reactions compared to a screenshot of a show’s flyer.

On my band’s Twitter page, we post the same things that are on our Instagram page. However, we tweet about upcoming news, funny quotes, mentions, etc. Twitter and Instagram has helped us gain the most exposure. Since we are new, we haven’t released any of our music out on Spotify or Youtube. Once we drop our EP, we will make announcements on all of our social media accounts to promote the releases. When we have our music out, we will be able to gain a higher exposure and eventually be promoted by others!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I've commented on Blair Particelli's, Paul Wendee's, and Chad Mullen's blog.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

First post!

I chose the "epic" template because it is a simple design to customize for the style of my blog. I want my blog to look edgy and inspirational. In short terms, my blog is about female musicians in the punk rock music scene. The goal is to try to outweigh the male dominanted music industry and to promote other minority musicians. I want this blog to be inspirational! I will customize this template so I can make it exciting for you guys to glance at!

I am a female drummer and that's rare to find today. I am in a local all girl band and I believe we are the only female fronted music group in San Diego. The majority of females in the music industry are singer/ songwriters categorized in the pop genre. The famous rock n roll bands are highly male dominated making it rare to see a female musician in a rock band. I love playing music and I want to encourage the idea of learning an instrument and eventually forming a band to the female community. It will open up more doors to the music scene and kill the fear of intimidation!