Saturday, March 31, 2018

Week 9: Twitter

@mainsailband is another San Diego local band. Their cover photo is a picture of their EP's artwork. Their Instagram and Facebook are linked to each other so that they won't have to repeat what they are posting about. They tweet multiple times a day to keep their followers updated. However, they only have 55 followers. My goal is to update my bands twitter more often like they are. We should also have our Instagram and Twitter synced. 

@Themodelyouth has 313 followers and are only following 27 other users. They have connections because the lead singer is a famous YouTuber. They use their Twitter account the same amount as we use ours. Their profile picture is a group photo and the cover photo is a picture of them playing a show. They work on self-promoting so they are doing a great job using social media. We look up to them a lot and would like to have more connections like them. 

@91x is an independent San Diego radio station. Their profile and cover picture is of their logo.They obviously have more followers because they are a popular music station and they put together a lot of shows with bigger artists. They tweet on a daily basis and post on Instagram and Facebook weekly. They are in a different field as us, but making a connection with them would help benefit the band so I am going to aim for marketing like them. They host huge festivals such as Kaboo and Wrex the halls. We just need to build connections and improve our Twitter game! 

@contolledchem is another local band in the San Diego scene. They need to do some work on their social media platforms. Controlled chemistry isn't as active on social media and doesn't post exciting things. Their profile picture is their logo and the cover photo is an unprofessional group shot. They just need to reach out to more sources for help and then it would be better. If they took this class their social media marketing would totally improve. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 7: Blog post 2

I chose to post about how we just finished recording our new single and also in the process of the EP. I also scheduled to announce future upcoming shows tomorrow because we have a lot. There aren't any flyers for any so I am waiting on making specific announcements when the show flyers are completed. I like this feature because you can schedule to post at any given time. A lot of people forget to post at the times where the most people are viewing social media at a given time. From experience, more people are on their phone during the evening. The goal is for us is to have active followers viewing our content. 

Week 7: Blog post

The pages I chose to like are ones that I can possibly collab with. I liked photographers, bands, record labels, and venues pages. I had to choose pages that relate to the band so they can gain our recognition. Also, the successful pages inspire us to update our social media with upcoming news, photos, or events.  (local band) (concert photographer) (A signed local band) (local band) (record label) (local concert photographer)  (concert Venue) (concert venue)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Post engagement and reach

Having a Facebook page for your company, brand, band, small business, restaurant, services, etc... is very important to gain customers. You should have one especially if you do not have a website! Updating your followers with daily or weekly posts are key. Facebook will notify you of post engagements which are the number of people engaging with your page. Active fans will engage more by liking or sharing your material.  You can see the overall data of who likes the posts, the statistics of your audience's age and gender, and page views. You can select the date and time of the results to compare it from time to time. Another feature Facebook has on your page is the post reach. This is the number of times your page appears on peoples newsfeeds' from ads or shares. Organic is the number of times your page appears on one's newsfeed without any payments. And obviously, paid is the opposite. This is where paying for Facebook ads comes in clutch! The more money you spend on an ad, the more people will see your pages ad on their feed. 

Week 6 Alternate Assignment

In comparison to my band's page, I'm going to be analyzing successful Bands's Facebook activity

The band Mainsail has a profile picture of the cover of their latest EP. The cover photo is an edgy punk rock picture of their band. They have a total of 10,400 likes; their Facebook is linked to their Instagram account meaning that whoever is uploading a photo to their instagram, then it will automatically post on Facebook. They make a post once a day during the afternoons through evenings, and have a great cover photo since it suits the band's style. Overal, Mainsail has their social media game going strong. 

Neckdeep has a total of 351,420 likes and are using it effectively because they make a few posts per week. Since they are signed, they are currently touring so they have the cover photo set to the touring dates. They have managers helping out with the social media because they must not have time to do all of it themselves. Neckdeep has a great marketing strategy on Facebook for the people already following the page, but I believe that a lot of the likes received were from word of mouth. That's a reason how Neckdeep got discovered and signed to Hopeless Records. Neckdeep has 306,000 Instagram followers, quite a difference from the Facebook page. It proves how both outlets of social media are necessary for the music industry. 

The Aquadolls are probably the most well known local bands in the southern California scene. They have 11k likes on Facebook and 15.1k followers on Instagram. They make a round one post per week regarding shows, information, and just to keep fans updated. The problem is that they seem to onlyc enter the attention around the lead singer because you only see posts of her when there are 3 other members. I personally know them, and they are signed to a contract where the managers control everything they post. It is frustrating for them and that's why they haven't been able to put out new music as well. The cover photo is a picture of Melissa Brooks (the singer) and the profile picture as well. They do a better job running their Instagram account, so if they just put in more effort, the Facebook page will improve. 

Green Day is obviously one of the successful punk rock bands today. By looking at their Facebook page, you can see that they make a post about once a week. They aren't as active as you would think. Green Day's profile picture is a drawing of them, and they have a clip of their new music video as the cover video. Since they are highly succesful in all aspects of the music industry, they don't need to worry as much. They have 31 million likes and 194 of my Facebook friends (including myself) liked Green Day's page. On average, their posts get over 20k likes. 

FIDLAR is another successful modern day garage punk band. They have 173k likes on their Facebook page and 25 of my friends like it. Their last post was on Februrary 25th, they could be more active. It looks like some weeks are better than others because they haven't posted in 11 days. They have their cover photo set to the 'FIDLAR' backdrop they use for concerts and the profile picture is an aesthetic band photo. I first heard of them back in the summer of 2015 when they didn't have as big as a following, and now they are playing Coachella. 

I want to post more to my band's Facebook page because we aren't that active on there. When our EP gets released, I'm going to be promoting it all over social media. At shows, we print out flyers and pass them out with our Facebook and Instagram usernames to get people to follow us. I target the people that are interested into punk rock music. I figure who likes it by meeting people in person and following accounts that are similar. On Facebook, I'm going to share my page more and post the link to the page on our Instagram bio. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Week 6: FREAKS!'s Facebook page

The FREAKS! Facebook page has been in existence since January 10th, 2018. It so far only has 40 likes. We don't really post on it other than the upcoming shows we are playing. We haven't been a band for awhile so it obviously is going to take a little while. The profile picture is of our logo and the cover photo is a picture of us playing on stage. We should keep it running more often but managing a band DIY style takes a lot of work.