Sunday, April 22, 2018

Week 12: part 1

Four additional business tools I believe that would benefit my band FREAKS! would be LinkedIn, Spotify, BandCamp, and Google maps.

As of now, the Instagram and Facebook have been looking sharp. I make daily posts and have gained a lot of followers. I make sure that every post is eye grasping. An interesting way to help us build an audience is by connecting with people on Tinder. They don't even use it for dating or hooking up; it's just for promoting the band. 

For my own benefit, I would like to create a LinkedIn profile so I can connect with other professionals in the music industry. I would like to be in a LinkedIn group with musicians so I could share information about FREAKS! Creating show events and sharing them with the groups would get more people to come see us live. I would also like to be inspired and know additional information the other musicians share. It's also a way to build a good resume.  

As far as Yelp goes, it wouldn't be necessary because we don't really have customers. Feedback regarding our music, posts, etc... will be seen by users comments on any of our social media pages. 

FREAKS! has only been formed since January so we don't have any music out yet. We really need to create a Spotify and Bandcamp profile as soon as our music is released. I want to be able to add a custom search on google maps to locate our shipping location whenever we decide on a specific place for it. Right now, we only sell merchandise at our shows; however, people have messaged us on Instagram wondering if we shipped to other states and countries. It would be cool to customize the name to FREAKS! headquarters. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 11: Post 1

FREAKS! will only be sending out 1 email per month. We don't want to annoy our crowd with emails; we would rather use the social media pages to make announcements. We want it to help us to build relationships with our fans, persuade people to listen to our music and to come to our shows and to acquire more followers. FREAKS! will have:
A welcome letter: This will explain what we have to offer when a person subscribes. 
Announcements: This informs subscribers about Upcoming shows, tours, and released music. 
Products: Will show the latest merchandise posted on our website and social media platforms. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 10: post 2

My goal for my blog is to stick to specific categories including girl bands, punk style, writing about the local music scene, positive messages, and posting things our target audience wants to see. As punks, we are outcasts breaking the norm. Most of us have been through a lot, so the best thing is to have a community of us that can relate. The music we write is about personal experiences, heartbreak, anger, and love. Our goal is to spread joy to the crowds we attract. When we aren't playing live, our social media is expressing our messages and being business minded at the same time. Once our EP and single are released, then we are going to promote it all over social media! The blog will have entries explaining our experiences playing shows, things on our mind, and positive messages. There will be pictures of us playing, merchandise, our music, and personal posts about us. We want to inspire and change peoples' lives! 

I commented on Jesus's, Mark's, and Sujatha's blogs.  

Week 10: Blogging for business

As a serious local band, we want to treat our band like a business, but also be personal friends. It would be boring if we just saw ourselves as only bandmates. We like to be personal over social media, but not all of the time. For bigger bands, people are mainly following a band for their enhancing music. The bigger fans want to get to know about each member's personal life. Social media is the perfect example of demonstrating this type of logic. We apply this rule to our accounts, but don't want to be excessive about it. We've made posts with captions regarding controversial issues, silly pictures of us, etc. We don't want to pose as somebody we're not! It's a business, but there can't only be business minded posts. It also depends on the level of the business's professionalism. However, It would be too unreal if there weren't any social media posts with any personal touch.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 9: Twitter part 2

On Twitter, I follow bands, companies, stores, and people similar to our interests. I started off following our friends and people we have met from playing gigs. From there we have built on by following recommended profiles on our side. Half of the time, we already know them so there's a guaranteed follower. I searched "Soma sd" and immediately there were already people tweeting about things we have in common.

The lists I created were "Girl pwr" and "SD local music scene." This help finds our target audience. We are creating a movement to inspire more females to start a band and to get involved in the scene. It can be intimidating for girls from the noticeable gender imbalance. I am more organized from adding similar profiles so we can stay connected and retweet their posts. The goal is to get creative and to self-promote as much as possible, then eventually have others promote us.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Week 9: Twitter

@mainsailband is another San Diego local band. Their cover photo is a picture of their EP's artwork. Their Instagram and Facebook are linked to each other so that they won't have to repeat what they are posting about. They tweet multiple times a day to keep their followers updated. However, they only have 55 followers. My goal is to update my bands twitter more often like they are. We should also have our Instagram and Twitter synced. 

@Themodelyouth has 313 followers and are only following 27 other users. They have connections because the lead singer is a famous YouTuber. They use their Twitter account the same amount as we use ours. Their profile picture is a group photo and the cover photo is a picture of them playing a show. They work on self-promoting so they are doing a great job using social media. We look up to them a lot and would like to have more connections like them. 

@91x is an independent San Diego radio station. Their profile and cover picture is of their logo.They obviously have more followers because they are a popular music station and they put together a lot of shows with bigger artists. They tweet on a daily basis and post on Instagram and Facebook weekly. They are in a different field as us, but making a connection with them would help benefit the band so I am going to aim for marketing like them. They host huge festivals such as Kaboo and Wrex the halls. We just need to build connections and improve our Twitter game! 

@contolledchem is another local band in the San Diego scene. They need to do some work on their social media platforms. Controlled chemistry isn't as active on social media and doesn't post exciting things. Their profile picture is their logo and the cover photo is an unprofessional group shot. They just need to reach out to more sources for help and then it would be better. If they took this class their social media marketing would totally improve. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 7: Blog post 2

I chose to post about how we just finished recording our new single and also in the process of the EP. I also scheduled to announce future upcoming shows tomorrow because we have a lot. There aren't any flyers for any so I am waiting on making specific announcements when the show flyers are completed. I like this feature because you can schedule to post at any given time. A lot of people forget to post at the times where the most people are viewing social media at a given time. From experience, more people are on their phone during the evening. The goal is for us is to have active followers viewing our content.