Monday, April 30, 2018

week 13: part 2

I have paid for Facebook and Instagram ads to promote my band. I didn't pay a lot for it (I'm a broke college student) but it reached 700 people. It syncs together once I activated it. I narrowed my audience by selecting specific hashtags and accounts related to punk rock music. I paid more for my Instagram because more people use it, plus we have 2,300 followers on the account. It would be a great idea to create another ad when we release our single and EP so people can listen to it that have never even listened. I just used the engagement option for Facebook and selected similar pages, locations, job titles, demographics, education, etc... that people are following. It reaches out to them, but it depends on how much you want to pay. The more pages you select, the higher the price. The ad categories you can choose include: reach, engagement, video views, messages, lead generation. Most of these are specifically for your brand. Lead generation helps you find out information about people that are interested in your business. This is helpful when targeting your audience. If you post a video, video views will sponsor your video and reach out to more people. Engagement and reach are similar; setting a reach means you choose the maximum number of people that see your ad while engagement will get people to see your business on their feed. Choosing the ad type can be tricky because you need to budget your costs. I ask myself, "what will be the most beneficial the band?" And that's what leads me to my choices. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 13: part 1

Bands don't really have advertisements on TV unless if they are well known. It would have to be for something they sell such as merchandise, new music, and ticket sales. I have seen an ad on Youtube for this band called Senses Fail promoting their new music video. It just had a short clip of it. When I watch a music video, there will sometimes be a 5-20 second ad for another music video. Personally, I think it's a great tactic for music to be heard. I frequently see Full Sail University pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feed specifically marketing to people (like me) that are interested in music and interesting in going to music school. This music event called Emo Nite Brooklyn was just sponsored on Facebook. When I clicked, it went to their website's touring date page. Also, 91x's radio music event promotions are is often seen in my feed. 91x is an independent radio station that even plays local bands' music. A lot of times I scroll past it, but sometimes I am interested and click on it. These pages narrowed their audience based off of other peoples (including my own) interests. Sometimes, a concert I want to see is sponsored by Ticketweb impulsively makes me click. I do not like the annoying scamming companies; unfortunately, some exist in the music industry. Music booking companies can be scammers desperately asking any local band they come across to play. Manifest booking is an example. The way they draw attention is by messaging bands to see if they can play a show if they can sell a minimum of 25 tickets, or else they have to pay out of pocket. A band starting off would think that it's so cool that they are being offered a show, but they don't realize that it's a scam. It reminds me of those annoying pop-up ads claiming that you have won a trip to Hawaii if you click on it then suddenly your computer gets a virus.  

I like it when advertisements have interesting titles/ topics. When a company has a nice logo I will look at it longer... especially when it has my favorite colors. 91x has a great logo for its vibe. Darker colors especially attract me. A logo and ad that I can remember in my head are effective. People are misled when they see a company with a bad logo. There has to be a good first impression.

Advertising on social media is easier and less expensive compared to traditional. I can pay $30 a week to target a select audience in promoting my pages. Putting up flyers in public places is not going to be as effective because everyone is paying attention to their phone. Social media is now the way the music industry is promoted. It really depends on the company and what they are trying to market and sell. If it's an independent contractor looking for clients, they can post an ad on craigslist and pass out their business cards. For example, my mom is an accountant that works at home under the name AK accounting services and is working with multiple clients. The way how she got clients was by posting ads on craigslist. She doesn't have any social media platforms for it and it's been successful. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Week 8: Part 2

Killstar clothing
Instagram: 8 hours ago              
Facebook: 8 hours ago. Their Instagram and Facebook pages are synced together so the posts will be at the exact same time.
Killstar is a clothing company that sells alternative, punk rock, gothic, hipster clothing. They each make 2-4 posts on a daily basis. They want to keep customers updated with their latest releases and sales.

Dolls Kill clothing

  1. An alternative and abstract female clothing line.
  • Posted: 2 hours ago and makes 4 a day.
  • Posted: 2 hours ago, posts 6-8 times a day.
  • Posted: yesterday. They tweet 3 times a day. It’s active enough to keep the consumers updated.
  • Last post: 2 months ago. It’s obviously not as active compared to the rest.
  • Daily snapchat stories.
Overall, Dolls Kill mainly uses Facebook and Instagram because they are professionally looking social platforms for their business and it appeals their targeted audience.

Blink 182 (professional band)  This top selling pop punk runs itself like a business. They are signed to Geffen Records. Their producers have staff members run their social media and websites.
Spotify: They post all of their tracks, albums, releases, etc. The last time Blink released their album California Deluxe edition.
Instagram: Last posted: 3 days ago. Updates audience with a weekly post
Twitter: Last post was 1 day ago. Makes around 1-3 tweets daily.
Facebook: Last posted: February 9th. Makes a weekly post.
Blink-182 is most active on Twitter. The listeners use Spotify (since Spotify is connected to Facebook) to listen to their music unlimitedly.

Vans Shows 5 social media platforms they use.
Facebook: Posted 4 hours ago. They make an average of a daily post.
Twitter: Posted 9 hours ago. Vans makes around
Youtube: They posted 3 days ago. Vans uploads around 2-3 youtube videos weekly. The videos are promotions of professional skaters using their products.
Instagram: Posted 4 hours ago, same exact posts on Facebook. Their accounts are synced.
Tumblr: Last posted 4 hours ago, they make reblogs/ posts a few times a day.
Vans uses their social media platforms almost equally. It helps them market their brand to         customers. It is successful and it keeps the audience interested.

Soma San Diego- music venue Shows 3 social media platforms
Facebook: Last posted: 1 hour ago. Makes 3 posts daily about upcoming shows
Twitter: Last post: 11 hours ago. Makes around 2-3 posts       almost everyday
Instagram: Last posted: 3 days ago. Soma makes a random amount of posts but has made 6 posts.

Soma is one of the few all ages mom and pop concert venue. I personally know the staff and owners, and they run the business by themselves. They have to market their business on social media to help grabs people's attention about their upcoming shows. They mainly use Facebook and Twitter based off of the higher amounts of viewers. It is difficult making money at an all age venue because they don’t serve alcohol which helps venues make profits. Also, less younger people attend concerts and a lot of times people over 21 don’t want to go to a venue that doesn’t allow alcohol. Soma has recently got its alcohol license and only serves it during mainstage shows. They just serve the beverages behind side stage.

From doing some researching, each business/ service are on at least 3 social media sites. It’s almost a necessity for them to have out there because so many people are on social media. The main accounts each company uses are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram due to the popularity of these sites.

However, some people aren’t on social media, so it’s important to have an eye appealing website. Social media basically reposts pictures of what they advertise. It is the modern way of advertising and is taking over old traditional methods. Everything is converting to internet based websites. Shopping online is very popular and is almost as good as physically going into the store and seeing the products in person. On the internet, you can not do that, but it allows you to not leave your house.

The digital age is beneficial for every business because anyone with internet can see a company’s website and social media pages.

Week 12: Part 2

I just made a LinkedIn account the other day and created a decent profile. I am on there to connect with people in the music industry and larger record labels such as Epitaph, Fearless, Hopeless, and Rise Records. I've sent out invitations to the employees working for the larger labels and studios. I also asked to join the drummers and the drummer industry, touring organization, and DAW groups. LinkedIn a great way to connect with people in the industry I want to get into. I sent the successful people a nice note because I really want them to connect with me. 

Our single is almost ready to be released. There are just so many complications in the recording process because it's expensive, hard to plan out, and easy to mess up. We had to re-record most of our songs because we want it to sound as good as possible. Like I said, our EP is going to be uploaded on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Itunes, and Spotify. We will be promoting it all over our other social media platforms to get people to listen to it. At the same time, we want to be paid for our music and the best way is for people to buy it on Itunes. On Bandcamp you can choose to donate money to the artists; Spotify will only give you $.05 per listen. We would also be selling physical CD copies at our merch booths. I believe our music is the most important thing to spread to our audience; that's how we will boost our following and be successful. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Week 12: part 1

Four additional business tools I believe that would benefit my band FREAKS! would be LinkedIn, Spotify, BandCamp, and Google maps.

As of now, the Instagram and Facebook have been looking sharp. I make daily posts and have gained a lot of followers. I make sure that every post is eye grasping. An interesting way to help us build an audience is by connecting with people on Tinder. They don't even use it for dating or hooking up; it's just for promoting the band. 

For my own benefit, I would like to create a LinkedIn profile so I can connect with other professionals in the music industry. I would like to be in a LinkedIn group with musicians so I could share information about FREAKS! Creating show events and sharing them with the groups would get more people to come see us live. I would also like to be inspired and know additional information the other musicians share. It's also a way to build a good resume.  

As far as Yelp goes, it wouldn't be necessary because we don't really have customers. Feedback regarding our music, posts, etc... will be seen by users comments on any of our social media pages. 

FREAKS! has only been formed since January so we don't have any music out yet. We really need to create a Spotify and Bandcamp profile as soon as our music is released. I want to be able to add a custom search on google maps to locate our shipping location whenever we decide on a specific place for it. Right now, we only sell merchandise at our shows; however, people have messaged us on Instagram wondering if we shipped to other states and countries. It would be cool to customize the name to FREAKS! headquarters. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 11: Post 1

FREAKS! will only be sending out 1 email per month. We don't want to annoy our crowd with emails; we would rather use the social media pages to make announcements. We want it to help us to build relationships with our fans, persuade people to listen to our music and to come to our shows and to acquire more followers. FREAKS! will have:
A welcome letter: This will explain what we have to offer when a person subscribes. 
Announcements: This informs subscribers about Upcoming shows, tours, and released music. 
Products: Will show the latest merchandise posted on our website and social media platforms. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 10: post 2

My goal for my blog is to stick to specific categories including girl bands, punk style, writing about the local music scene, positive messages, and posting things our target audience wants to see. As punks, we are outcasts breaking the norm. Most of us have been through a lot, so the best thing is to have a community of us that can relate. The music we write is about personal experiences, heartbreak, anger, and love. Our goal is to spread joy to the crowds we attract. When we aren't playing live, our social media is expressing our messages and being business minded at the same time. Once our EP and single are released, then we are going to promote it all over social media! The blog will have entries explaining our experiences playing shows, things on our mind, and positive messages. There will be pictures of us playing, merchandise, our music, and personal posts about us. We want to inspire and change peoples' lives! 

I commented on Jesus's, Mark's, and Sujatha's blogs.  

Week 10: Blogging for business

As a serious local band, we want to treat our band like a business, but also be personal friends. It would be boring if we just saw ourselves as only bandmates. We like to be personal over social media, but not all of the time. For bigger bands, people are mainly following a band for their enhancing music. The bigger fans want to get to know about each member's personal life. Social media is the perfect example of demonstrating this type of logic. We apply this rule to our accounts, but don't want to be excessive about it. We've made posts with captions regarding controversial issues, silly pictures of us, etc. We don't want to pose as somebody we're not! It's a business, but there can't only be business minded posts. It also depends on the level of the business's professionalism. However, It would be too unreal if there weren't any social media posts with any personal touch.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 9: Twitter part 2

On Twitter, I follow bands, companies, stores, and people similar to our interests. I started off following our friends and people we have met from playing gigs. From there we have built on by following recommended profiles on our side. Half of the time, we already know them so there's a guaranteed follower. I searched "Soma sd" and immediately there were already people tweeting about things we have in common.

The lists I created were "Girl pwr" and "SD local music scene." This help finds our target audience. We are creating a movement to inspire more females to start a band and to get involved in the scene. It can be intimidating for girls from the noticeable gender imbalance. I am more organized from adding similar profiles so we can stay connected and retweet their posts. The goal is to get creative and to self-promote as much as possible, then eventually have others promote us.