Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 16: Future strategy

Throughout CSIT 165, I had the opportunity to explore the different kinds of social media platforms I haven’t thought about using for my band. I was mainly managing the Instagram account because it has 2,350 followers and it was easier to maintain the following. I made the facebook page a few months ago for the assignment and it was really helpful. More people in my target audience use Facebook than I thought. Although, Instagram is definitely the most beneficial platform for managing a band. People love it, and will constantly scroll through their feed and see our posts. I have to be creative with the posts so that people can engage. The “FREAKS!” Facebook page now has almost 100 likes. I don’t have to do much because the Instagram is linked to the Facebook page. Facebook is great for sharing the events for the upcoming shows. It consumes a lot of time managing social media; however, it’s the best way to promote a band/music.
I am going to invest into buying some Facebook and Instagram ads to help people view our pages. I will look at the analytic charts to help determine who to target and what to use. We finally got a website so I will be running it. Once we have our merch ready, I’m going to put it up on the website. I haven’t had the chance to experiment with the email subscriptions. I will use it once we have more of a following and our EP released on Spotify. Three of us manage the account so at least one of us should be managing it on a daily basis. If we are active, it will help us gain followers.

The plan what I’m aiming towards is to release the EP, plan a few shows, (not too many) gain at least 500 more active followers, be active on the Facebook, promote a lot more, and to build personal connections. I want us to gain at least 10 followers a week. If someone with a bigger following promotes us, that would help a lot. I just quit my band with the bigger following, but I’m in another local alternative band. I will apply the strategies from this class to market us in the most efficient ways. I am going to plan for us to have a promotional photo shoot. Updating daily is crucial, one or two posts a day is a good amount; too many posts will be considered as spam. As long as one of us are active on the account on a daily basis, it will work out well.

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