Monday, April 30, 2018

week 13: part 2

I have paid for Facebook and Instagram ads to promote my band. I didn't pay a lot for it (I'm a broke college student) but it reached 700 people. It syncs together once I activated it. I narrowed my audience by selecting specific hashtags and accounts related to punk rock music. I paid more for my Instagram because more people use it, plus we have 2,300 followers on the account. It would be a great idea to create another ad when we release our single and EP so people can listen to it that have never even listened. I just used the engagement option for Facebook and selected similar pages, locations, job titles, demographics, education, etc... that people are following. It reaches out to them, but it depends on how much you want to pay. The more pages you select, the higher the price. The ad categories you can choose include: reach, engagement, video views, messages, lead generation. Most of these are specifically for your brand. Lead generation helps you find out information about people that are interested in your business. This is helpful when targeting your audience. If you post a video, video views will sponsor your video and reach out to more people. Engagement and reach are similar; setting a reach means you choose the maximum number of people that see your ad while engagement will get people to see your business on their feed. Choosing the ad type can be tricky because you need to budget your costs. I ask myself, "what will be the most beneficial the band?" And that's what leads me to my choices. 

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