Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 13: part 1

Bands don't really have advertisements on TV unless if they are well known. It would have to be for something they sell such as merchandise, new music, and ticket sales. I have seen an ad on Youtube for this band called Senses Fail promoting their new music video. It just had a short clip of it. When I watch a music video, there will sometimes be a 5-20 second ad for another music video. Personally, I think it's a great tactic for music to be heard. I frequently see Full Sail University pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feed specifically marketing to people (like me) that are interested in music and interesting in going to music school. This music event called Emo Nite Brooklyn was just sponsored on Facebook. When I clicked, it went to their website's touring date page. Also, 91x's radio music event promotions are is often seen in my feed. 91x is an independent radio station that even plays local bands' music. A lot of times I scroll past it, but sometimes I am interested and click on it. These pages narrowed their audience based off of other peoples (including my own) interests. Sometimes, a concert I want to see is sponsored by Ticketweb impulsively makes me click. I do not like the annoying scamming companies; unfortunately, some exist in the music industry. Music booking companies can be scammers desperately asking any local band they come across to play. Manifest booking is an example. The way they draw attention is by messaging bands to see if they can play a show if they can sell a minimum of 25 tickets, or else they have to pay out of pocket. A band starting off would think that it's so cool that they are being offered a show, but they don't realize that it's a scam. It reminds me of those annoying pop-up ads claiming that you have won a trip to Hawaii if you click on it then suddenly your computer gets a virus.  

I like it when advertisements have interesting titles/ topics. When a company has a nice logo I will look at it longer... especially when it has my favorite colors. 91x has a great logo for its vibe. Darker colors especially attract me. A logo and ad that I can remember in my head are effective. People are misled when they see a company with a bad logo. There has to be a good first impression.

Advertising on social media is easier and less expensive compared to traditional. I can pay $30 a week to target a select audience in promoting my pages. Putting up flyers in public places is not going to be as effective because everyone is paying attention to their phone. Social media is now the way the music industry is promoted. It really depends on the company and what they are trying to market and sell. If it's an independent contractor looking for clients, they can post an ad on craigslist and pass out their business cards. For example, my mom is an accountant that works at home under the name AK accounting services and is working with multiple clients. The way how she got clients was by posting ads on craigslist. She doesn't have any social media platforms for it and it's been successful. 

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