Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Week 12: Part 2

I just made a LinkedIn account the other day and created a decent profile. I am on there to connect with people in the music industry and larger record labels such as Epitaph, Fearless, Hopeless, and Rise Records. I've sent out invitations to the employees working for the larger labels and studios. I also asked to join the drummers and the drummer industry, touring organization, and DAW groups. LinkedIn a great way to connect with people in the industry I want to get into. I sent the successful people a nice note because I really want them to connect with me. 

Our single is almost ready to be released. There are just so many complications in the recording process because it's expensive, hard to plan out, and easy to mess up. We had to re-record most of our songs because we want it to sound as good as possible. Like I said, our EP is going to be uploaded on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Itunes, and Spotify. We will be promoting it all over our other social media platforms to get people to listen to it. At the same time, we want to be paid for our music and the best way is for people to buy it on Itunes. On Bandcamp you can choose to donate money to the artists; Spotify will only give you $.05 per listen. We would also be selling physical CD copies at our merch booths. I believe our music is the most important thing to spread to our audience; that's how we will boost our following and be successful. 

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