Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Week 8: Part 2

Killstar clothing
Instagram: 8 hours ago              
Facebook: 8 hours ago. Their Instagram and Facebook pages are synced together so the posts will be at the exact same time.
Killstar is a clothing company that sells alternative, punk rock, gothic, hipster clothing. They each make 2-4 posts on a daily basis. They want to keep customers updated with their latest releases and sales.

Dolls Kill clothing

  1. www.dollskill.com An alternative and abstract female clothing line.
  • Posted: 2 hours ago and makes 4 a day.
  • Posted: 2 hours ago, posts 6-8 times a day.
  • Posted: yesterday. They tweet 3 times a day. It’s active enough to keep the consumers updated.
  • Last post: 2 months ago. It’s obviously not as active compared to the rest.
  • Daily snapchat stories.
Overall, Dolls Kill mainly uses Facebook and Instagram because they are professionally looking social platforms for their business and it appeals their targeted audience.

Blink 182 (professional band)
www.blink182.com/  This top selling pop punk runs itself like a business. They are signed to Geffen Records. Their producers have staff members run their social media and websites.
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6FBDaR13swtiWwGhX1WQsP They post all of their tracks, albums, releases, etc. The last time Blink released their album California Deluxe edition.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blink182/ Last posted: 3 days ago. Updates audience with a weekly post
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blink182 Last post was 1 day ago. Makes around 1-3 tweets daily.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blink182 Last posted: February 9th. Makes a weekly post.
Blink-182 is most active on Twitter. The listeners use Spotify (since Spotify is connected to Facebook) to listen to their music unlimitedly.

https://www.vans.com Shows 5 social media platforms they use.
Facebook: Posted 4 hours ago. They make an average of a daily post.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VANS_66 Posted 9 hours ago. Vans makes around
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VansShoes66 They posted 3 days ago. Vans uploads around 2-3 youtube videos weekly. The videos are promotions of professional skaters using their products.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vans/ Posted 4 hours ago, same exact posts on Facebook. Their accounts are synced.
Tumblr: http://vans.tumblr.com Last posted 4 hours ago, they make reblogs/ posts a few times a day.
Vans uses their social media platforms almost equally. It helps them market their brand to         customers. It is successful and it keeps the audience interested.

Soma San Diego- music venue

Somasandiego.com Shows 3 social media platforms
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/somasd/ Last posted: 1 hour ago. Makes 3 posts daily about upcoming shows
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOMAsd Last post: 11 hours ago. Makes around 2-3 posts       almost everyday
Instagram: Instagram.com/somasd Last posted: 3 days ago. Soma makes a random amount of posts but has made 6 posts.

Soma is one of the few all ages mom and pop concert venue. I personally know the staff and owners, and they run the business by themselves. They have to market their business on social media to help grabs people's attention about their upcoming shows. They mainly use Facebook and Twitter based off of the higher amounts of viewers. It is difficult making money at an all age venue because they don’t serve alcohol which helps venues make profits. Also, less younger people attend concerts and a lot of times people over 21 don’t want to go to a venue that doesn’t allow alcohol. Soma has recently got its alcohol license and only serves it during mainstage shows. They just serve the beverages behind side stage.

From doing some researching, each business/ service are on at least 3 social media sites. It’s almost a necessity for them to have out there because so many people are on social media. The main accounts each company uses are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram due to the popularity of these sites.

However, some people aren’t on social media, so it’s important to have an eye appealing website. Social media basically reposts pictures of what they advertise. It is the modern way of advertising and is taking over old traditional methods. Everything is converting to internet based websites. Shopping online is very popular and is almost as good as physically going into the store and seeing the products in person. On the internet, you can not do that, but it allows you to not leave your house.

The digital age is beneficial for every business because anyone with internet can see a company’s website and social media pages.

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